Micro Brochures

Our Micro Brochures have been specially designed with the needs and innovation of today’s restaurateur in mind. Ideal for building valuable customer data, your Micro Brochure is also the ideal platform to promote areas such as:

• Midweek dining • Diners / VIP membership cards • Outside catering
• Function facilities / private hire • Cookery demonstrations / lessons • Gift vouchers

We are pleased to offer you, ‘Completely Free of Charge’:-

10,000 premium quality bespoke Micro Brochures
with an integrated data collection tear-off slip

Dedicated full professional design service

Free interactive QR code

Production and delivery

Click on the picture above to view a sample of our micro brochure

How is it free?

We raise revenue to fund the production and supply of the micro brochures by carefully
selecting non-conflicting, businesses from your locality to place a small advertisement
in your micro brochure, e.g., hair salon, jeweller, beauty salon, florist etc.

These businesses are pleased to get the opportunity to promote their services to the demographic of customers using your restaurant.

What if I don’t want a certain type of business in my micro brochure?

We are happy to adhere to any stipulations that you make from the outset, regarding any specific businesses or business types that you do or do not want us to contact. The micro brochures can feature a disclaimer, if requested in order to negate any inferred endorsement.