Case Study: Seasons

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The Client:

Seasons Hospice is an independent hospice serving the residents of Northeastern Oklahoma for over 20 years. Their goal is to provide peace and comfort to the patient and their loved ones through pain control, symptom management, and the psychological/spiritual aspects of care. Seasons Hospice helps to ensure quality of life for people faced with life limiting illnesses by providing palliative home care.

Client Objectives:

Our client was keen to explore a no cost, multi-functional marketing and educational tool that would help to: 

1) Effectively and efficiently market the hospice 

2) Provide education on the subject of hospice and palliative care

3) Deliver an invaluable “one stop” resource, covering a range of end of life topics designed to assist the patient and their loved ones

4) Present the information in a retainable format that includes the statutory forms which are required for all admissions.

How we helped:

Drawing on our experience of delivering a hugely successful, no cost, top quality publication to over 1000 premier funeral homes throughout the US and Canada, we were confident we could create a no cost, premium publication that would meet each one of our client’s needs. The goal, as always, was to exceed their expectations!

To provide funding for the project our sales team recruited a selection of local businesses that would be advertised within the publication. We ensured each business did not conflict with the core services and products offered by the client and could provide appropriate products or services that would meet the needs of patients and their loved ones.

Following the existing brand identity and keeping a locally owned feel, our design and copywriting team set to work to provide 1000 P4 portrait premium ‘coffee table’ style books, complemented by a HTML5 digital version that could be shared to the wider family and be used as a multiplatform marketing tool by the client.

We used a mixture of local and stock photos plus information taken from the client’s website. Added to this we supplied comprehensive, sector specific information resulting in a complete “one stop” resource to assist the client in helping the patients and their loved ones that they serve while helping the client to market their hospice to the wider local community.

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A few words from our client

A few Words From Our Client

Working with Partnerplus Media has been a smooth and exciting process. As the Director of a hospice company I receive multiple calls and emails from companies wanting to promote their product. There is almost always a catch. Darren was wonderful at explaining the process from start to finish and was always available to answer any questions. The quality of the book that Partnerplus Media has developed for my hospice is unlike any other in our area. The ease of developing the book went exceptionally well. Partnerplus Media handled all of the major leg work but allowed for adjustments as I saw fit. I can not thank Partnerplus Media enough for providing us with this opportunity!!

Renee Lanik, MSW

Program Director

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