Your Digital E-Guides from Partner Plus Media

How to use it:
1. Click on your link to open your e-guide, or copy and paste the link into your internet browser.
2. Use the arrow keys on the left and right of the pages to operate the e-guide like reading a book.
3. You will notice that some words on each page glow in purple when you hover your curser over them. These are interactive links which you can click, and you will then be taken to the relevant website in a new internet tab.

What can I do with this e-guide?
1. Email it to your families. You can paste the link to your digital e-guide in an email message to families so that they are able to access information about your funeral home from the comfort of their home or when out of town.
2. Post it to your social media channels. You can paste the link as a status update on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, so that your followers can click on it and access information about your funeral home from wherever they are in the world.
3. Feature the book on your website. You can create a button on your website which will take visitors through to your digital e-guide. This could be done very easily by your IT specialist or your website designer.

Why is this important now?
As it becomes more challenging to meet with families face-to-face due to the social distancing which is taking place in many areas of the world, it’s always good to have a digital solution so that you can keep communicating with your families. Our digital e-guides enable funeral homes to keep families informed with vital information from afar.

Any questions?
Reach out to the Partner Plus Media team by emailing, and we will try our very best to answer any questions you might have about your digital e-guide and how to use it. Remember, we are here to help in difficult times such as these!



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"I have been completely satisfied with my experience with Partner Plus Media. The quality of the publication produced for us is superb. We crafted an excellent Family Planning Guide that has been very well received by our community. This has been a genuinely beneficial connection (partner) with my company."

Mark A. Clarke
Vice President/General Manager/Owner

Henry Funeral Home & Cremation Centre - Virginia

"We have recently received our new dealership booklets from Partner Plus Media and couldn't be happier with the final product. The production quality of the books far exceeded our expectations. We had the pleasure of working with Chris who walked us through each step of pre-production. The process was easy for our team to understand and execute, thanks to his communication and patience.

In addition to the content and imagery, Partner Plus Media did an exceptional job of selecting advertisers that resonate with our audience, and align with the standards of the luxury brands that we represent.

In a world where visual communication is fundamental to effective marketing, we would absolutely recommend Partner Plus Media for their outstanding product and customer service.”

Allison Tade
Marketing Manager
Newport Beach Automotive Group (Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, Koenigsegg Newport Beach)

Newport Beach Automotive Group - California

"I am very impressed with the quality of the planning guides. More importantly, the reaction we see from our families when the planning guides are presented is quite amazing. Families are practically overwhelmed, which reflects very positively towards our business. This is truly a high quality product.

I also can not speak highly enough about the staff with Partner Plus Media. From the very beginning, every member I have had contact with has been very polite, personable and professional. Overall, your customer service is outstanding.

We primarily use the planners for pre-need, as this suits our needs the best. The fact that we can provide this product to our families at no cost to us is the "icing on the cake"."

Joseph H. Vogel
Ralph J. Wittich-Riley-Freers Funeral Home

Wittich-Riley-Freers Funeral Home - Iowa

"We are fortunate to have an amazing relationship with Partner Plus. Together we created a welcome package for our residents and their families that provides valuable information about their care at Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice, as well as pieces they can take home with them after their loved one passes. The booklet is professional and Partner Plus worked with the advertisers to ensure the content was appropriate and helpful to our residents and their families.

We are so pleased with the response we have received about the booklet from family and from advertisers. We would highly recommend Partner Plus to other hospice organizations."

Kim Henry
Director of Development
Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice

Lisaard & Innisfree Hospice - Ontario

"Partner Plus provided an excellent finished product for us. Our Hospice of Acadiana Patient Admit Booklet is something that we are proud to provide to our patients and their families."

Courtney Elkins
Executive Assistant
Hospice of Acadiana

Hospice of Acadiana - Louisiana

"We are very pleased with our new dealership books from Partner Plus Media, the process of creating the book was quick, efficient and easy. The quality of the books is great and our clients have really enjoyed reading them. It has been a great way for us to showcase our dealership events and newly released cars. The team has been a pleasure to work with and all of the content is fully customizable to ensure our high standards were met."

Soraya Hirani
Marketing Manager
Ferrari of Vancouver

Ferrari of Vancouver - British Columbia, Canada

“Everyone at Partner Plus Media were very helpful and patient as we worked through creating our first Resident & Family Booklet. We are thrilled with the results and have received many compliments. The booklet is not only attractive and professional, but it improves the way we share information with our Hospice families.”

Julia Earley
Community Relations Specialist
Chatham-Kent Hospice

Chatham-Kent Hospice - Ontario, Canada

"Partner Plus Media did a phenomenal job in bringing our dealership and luxury automotive brands to life in our dealer books. They were a pleasure to work and coordinate with their attention to detail, customer service, and quality of their materials. Our dealership and customers are extremely happy with the final product."

Josephine Clements
Marketing and Events Manager

O'Gara San Diego - California

"Partner Plus Media has been nothing short of an excellent experience. From the initial discovery call and subsequent visits. Their entire support team represent their agency very well and provide the professional service that they mentioned and more. I would highly recommend their services to those interested in a very unique marketing tool to be used with your local sponsors in your current business networks. We at Scottsdale Ferrari are very pleased with the process, involvement and most of all the finished product. It has been very well received by all who have seen the booklets. Forza Ferrari!"

David B. Mase
Marketing Manager
Scottsdale Ferrari

Scottsdale Ferrari - Arizona

"Having featured my Law Firm in the funeral planning guides for Burroughs Funeral Home, Murrells Inlet for the last 2 years, I was more than happy to renew and upgrade my allocation for a further 2 years. I found this to be an ideal way to promote my services to a targeted audience and assist the families with their legal requirements during their time of need. Partner Plus Media took care of everything and their helpful friendly staff helped me at every stage. I would definitely recommend this form of advertising and trust Partner Plus Media to deliver a high quality product."

Angie D. Knight, Esq
Grand Strand Law Group, LLC

Grand Strand Law Group, LLC - South Carolina

"I can't say enough about how pleased we are with Partner Plus Media, and the books that they produced! Although we have only had them in-house for a few months, the response from the local sponsors and the public has been nothing but positive. The books are of the highest quality, and I am very proud to use them for off-site presentations, and to hand to out to Preneed clients. Highly recommend!!"

Charles Miles
Funeral Director
McMillan-Small Funeral Home

McMillan-Small Funeral Home - South Carolina

"They are absolutely PERFECT and beautiful. Our customers have loved receiving them so far. We are so impressed with the level of quality of the books. Your team is amazing."

Leah Cecil
Marketing Manager
Circle Porsche

Circle Porsche - California

"Partner Plus Media were a delight to work with. We were very pleased with the design of the book created and timeliness of the production. In addition, we were able to establish stronger relationships with other businesses that cater to the same level of clientele as us. Our clients love receiving a book as a special gift from the dealership. We look forward to working on the second edition of the coffee table book featuring our latest events!"

Olga Kulibaba
Marketing Manager
Sterling Motorcars

Sterling Motorcars - Sterling, Virginia

"Simply Spectacular! the best description I can give you for our amazing Bentley Atlanta coffee table books. The quality of the finished product vastly exceeds our expectations. Everything from the images, the layout, the verbiage and most importantly, the affiliated advertisers in our book all have the look and feel of “Bentley”. We have a very high bar to maintain as we represent an ultra-luxury brand and our clients will not accept anything but the best. It was great working with your team. It was seamless, effortless and efficient. We look forward to our next edition."

Sid Barron
General Manager
Bentley Atlanta

Bentley Atlanta - Georgia

"We are extremely pleased with the service and product provided by Partner Plus. Their team has been attentive to our needs, met agreed upon deadlines, and have been very professional throughout the process. The books they produced for our organization are top notch, and we could simply not be happier with them. "

Catherine Grubbs
Chief Executive Officer
Circle of Life Hospice

Circle of Life Hospice - Arkansas

"Partner Plus Media was extremely easy and transparent to work with on our project. They let me take my time in preparing, and were patient with my many edit requests. The books were beautifully made, have great quality, and we’re proud to supply these to our clients. They were a great success. Thank you PartnerPlus Media!"

Careesa Campbell
Marketing Manager
Ferrari of San Diego

Ferrari of San Diego - California

"I have been very impressed with the quality of the books provided by Partners Plus. They are high-quality and look extremely professional. I especially love that they include carbon copies which helps meet our needs. They have accommodated our needs to provide an excellent level of customer service. My team has been happy with this product."

Heart ‘n Home Hospice

Heart n' Home Hospice - Idaho & Oregon

"Working with Partner Plus Media has been a smooth and exciting process. As the Director of a hospice company I receive multiple calls and emails from companies wanting to promote their product. There is almost always a catch. Darren was wonderful at explaining the process from start to finish and was always available to answer any questions. The quality of the book that Partnerplus Media has developed for my hospice is unlike any other in our area. The ease of developing the book went exceptionally well. Partner Plus Media handled all of the major leg work but allowed for adjustments as I saw fit. I can not thank Partner Plus Media enough for providing us with this opportunity!!"

Renee Lanik, MSW
Program Director
Seasons Hospice

Seasons Hospice - Oklahoma

"Partner Plus Media did a phenomenal job, from start to finish. The dealership books were delivered in a timely manner and printed to the highest standard. Aston Martin Summit was provided with a first class product to present to our clients, with the right balance of relevant advertisements from local professional businesses. We would highly recommend Partner Plus Media to any premium-luxury dealership looking to add a positive marketing tool to their business."

Allan Greenfield
Sales Manager
Aston Martin Summit

Aston Martin Summit - New Jersey

"This looks great! Many compliments to Mike! He was a pleasure to work with. You all were! Thanks so much!"

Brooke Bass, SRES, CRS, GRI
Gracious Moves LLC

Gracious Moves LLC - Georgia

"We wanted to thank you for the beautiful admission books that the Partner Plus Media team worked on. We have received so many compliments from our staff and families. The team was so friendly and helpful along each step of the project. They provided support and helped to answer any questions we had in a timely manner. The quality of the books are top-notch and professional. We highly recommend your team to others! Thank you!!"

Nancy Desler
Marketing & Communications Manager
Circle of Life Hospice

Circle of Life Hospice - Arizona

"This was our 2nd book that we've done with Partner Plus and as expected the process was seamless and the product speaks for itself."

Allan Greenfield
Sales Manager
McLaren North Jersey

McLaren North Jersey - New Jersey

"I received the dealership books today. Thank you so much. The books look amazing. We are super excited to share them to our clients and friends. Thank you for being so patient with us throughout the process. Again, we are so grateful for the work that all of you did to make this happen. Thank you! It really was a pleasure working with Partner Plus Media, on this fabulous project."

Sandra Liem
Marketing Manager
Grand Touring Automobiles

Grand Touring Automobiles - Ontario, Canada

"Amazing collaboration with this team from the very beginning to the final publication. Very patient and competent staff of designers, organizers and contact persons. They made a beautiful representation of our store and great piece of art on any coffee table! We appreciate their hard work and would highly recommend them."

Ramin Safavizadeh
Sales Manager
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Raleigh

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Raleigh - North Carolina

"The book created is AMAZING. Our thanks to Imago who tirelessly and professionally made multiple changes to suit us. The layout is perfect. The product materials and printing are of the highest quality and have provided us with a book that we are proud to share with every customer that enters one of our showrooms."

J.R. Roper
General Manager
Carlock Motorcars Nashville

Carlock Motorcars - Tennessee

"We are delighted with our brochures that represent our company and the quality of the brands we represent perfectly. We would have no hesitation in recommending Partner Plus Media who made the process very straight forward and easy for us."

Georgina Wood
Managing Director
Rolls Royce Motorcars
P & A Wood

Rolls Royce Motorcars P & A Wood - Dunmow, Essex

"We have been very pleased with both the product and the process in dealing with Partner Plus Media. They were very easy to work with and delivered us a beautiful product in a timely manner."

James Funeral Home

James Funeral Home - North Carolina

"Tony Smith and Jamie Swindells were excellent to work with and very professional when representing us to our potential advertisers. Forming partnerships with our advertisers has helped to strengthen our community presence. We look forward to continue to distribute this guide in our community to individuals and related businesses."

Hill Funeral Home

Hill Funeral Home - Ohio

"We could not be happier with the service offered by Partner Plus Media. We appreciated greatly their ability to work with us to help create a unique guide necessary for our combination facility. Our counselors enjoy having a professional presentation guide, our families are delighted with the information provided and our vendors are elated that they have an advertising vehicle that works. Our relationship with Partner Plus Media has been a “win” for everyone."

Rest Haven - Hagerstown MD

Partner Plus Media has done an extraordinary job in creating a wonderful booklet for our client families . From the initial interaction to the final product we couldn’t be more pleased. The booklets and contents represent our funeral home in a dignified and professional manner. They have been very well received by our families, we are fortunate to be able to offer these to them.

Mark Shea
Shea Funeral Homes

Shea Funeral Homes - Bennington VT

The ad is absolutely exquisite. It looks so beautiful in the book and the book itself is such high-quality. We are so happy to be a part of it.

Elizabeth Schoenleber
Isadoras Antique Jewelry

Isadoras Antique Jewelry - Park Place Aston Martin

Partner Plus Media exceeded our expectations in both the quality of their service and the quality of their product. Our customer service representatives were patient and responsive to our requests and the magazine itself is a beautiful resource for families that really reflects the pride that we take in our work.

Anthony Hall
Stallings funeral Home

Stallings Funeral Home - Maryland

My experience with Partner Plus Media was quite pleasant. I was never pressured to make a decision to fit their deadline. The prices were equivalent with other advertising I have used

Berkshire Hathaway - Rest Haven Funeral Home, Hagerstown

Partner Plus has done an exceptional job in producing our Admission Book. The team was courteous and professional. The books are beautiful and are done with excellence. I highly recommend their services!

Nancy Desler
Marketing & Communications Manager
Circle of Life Hospice

Circle Of Life Hospice - Bentonville + Springdale

At first I was skeptical about whether or not we should consider Partner Plus Media and the idea of a magazine for our business. A funeral home friend and colleague highly recommended that we give it serious consideration, so I took the plunge. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The magazine reflects who we are as a business in a very professional way. We were able to customize it to our liking and the process was simple and straight forward. An added bonus is that we have great business partners in the publication. Some of them are old friends, but others are people that are in the community that have become important new advocates. This has become a valuable resource in how we market our business and present ourselves. I enthusiastically recommend Partner Plus Media to anyone considering working with them.

Michael Pierson
Piersons Funeral Services Ltd

Piersons Funeral Services Ltd - Calgary, Alberta

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Partner Plus Media on such a beautiful resource for our community. They were so easy to work with and exuded such professionalism throughout the entire process. We are thrilled to have such a high quality product to deliver to those within our community.

Gregg Langford-Bookout Funeral Home
Jonesboro, AR

Gregg - Langford Bookout - McNabb

The Funeral Planning Guides are a beautiful, high quality, cost effective product. Partnering with our local businesses for advertising gives us the opportunity to build relationships in our community. We are extremely satisfied with the guide as well as the mobile app. The staff of Partner Plus Media have been a pleasure to work with.

Lisa Viers Barber
Administrative Assistant

Miller Funeral Home

What a wonderful resource to our families and a beautiful tool for our Funeral Home. It's classy, beautiful, and informative not sure what else I could ask for. Thank you Partner Plus!!! Great Job!

Altman-Long F.H

Altman - Long Funeral Home

We are very happy with the professionalism of Partner Plus Media, and the high quality product they produce. The opportunity to customize the guide with local area photographs, and photographs of our staff was a huge benefit. Our clients love them, and stop in at the funeral home just to pick up a planning guide for a family member or friend. Our pre-need representative gives them to every client he meets with. We believe that the guide represents our business well, and is a worthwhile marketing vehicle for the businesses who chose to advertise in it. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Partner Plus Media.

Merchant Memorial Group