LMHPCO Annual 2023 Leadership Conference - A resounding success.

The LMHPCO (Louisiana Mississippi Hospice & Palliative Care Organization) Annual 2023 Leadership Conference was an invaluable platform for hospice and palliative care professionals to come together, exchange insights, and chart a path towards improved end-of-life experiences. Among the passionate attendees was Lori Defalco, Project Manager at PPM (Partner Plus Media), whose experience at the conference was nothing short of inspiring. In this follow-up blog, we delve into the feedback and reflections Lori shared on her return. 

Forging Meaningful Collaborations: As a result of the conference, the seeds have been sewn for several new strategic partnerships with fellow ‘end-of-life' vendors. The importance of working together to share knowledge and resources, fostering an environment of collaboration and support cannot be underestimated.  

New Partnerships: Lori's dedication and expertise shone, through her fruitful interactions with numerous hospice and palliative care agencies. Life Source Hospice, St Catherine’s Hospice, PAX Hospice, and Brighton Bridge Hospice were among the hospice providers that are now PPM venue partners. These new partnerships will help each hospice to reach those in need of hospice care, further upstream and patients, families, and caregivers will have a valuable resource to lean on throughout their hospice journey. 

Expressing Gratitude: In her feedback, Lori expressed deep gratitude for the warm reception she received from several industry leaders. Her presentation about tailored, informative guides that positively impact families navigating the end-of-life journey resonated with the audience. Many attendees acknowledged PPM’s commitment to enhancing quality end-of-life care and extending invaluable resources to those in need. 


A Moving Moment: Lori was particularly moved by Steven Garner's poignant presentation about hospice care in an Angolan Prison and the quilting program that brought dignity to the end-of-life journey of inmates. Winning one of Steven's amazing quilts in the raffle, Lori chose to give it back to him as a gesture of support and appreciation for his inspiring work. This emotional moment epitomized the spirit of compassion and empathy that permeated the conference. 

In Conclusion: The LMHPCO Annual 2023 Leadership Conference was a resounding success. Lori’s dedication to empowering hospice and palliative care professionals shone through the meaningful partnerships she forged and the valuable resources she brought to numerous hospice organizations.

Representing PPM’s mission to provide industry-leading end-of-life resources to the hospice and palliative care community, Lori's impact at the conference exemplifies our company's unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life for patients, families, and caregivers.

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