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Elmer’s Big Parade Blackpool 2024

Partner Plus Media is incredibly honoured to be a sponsor for Elmer’s Big Parade Blackpool 2024! As a long-time supporter of Brian House Children’s Hospice, who are collaborating with Wild In Art and Andersen Press on this ambitious project, we jumped at the opportunity to show our continued support and appreciation for this amazing, local charity.

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Partner Plus Media Spreads Holiday Cheer: Donates 10 Build-A-Bears to Hospice El Paso's Pediatric Butterfly Program

Our incredible partner, Hospice EI Paso in El Paso, Texas, has teamed up with Build-A-Bear Workshop, an American retailer headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri who specialize in teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

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LMHPCO Annual 2023 Leadership Conference - A resounding success.

The LMHPCO (Louisiana Mississippi Hospice & Palliative Care Organization) Annual 2023 Leadership Conference was an invaluable platform for hospice and palliative care professionals to come together, exchange insights, and chart a path towards improved end-of-life experiences.

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Elevating Hospice Community Outreach & Education – Print & Digital

At Partner Plus Media, we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that hospices and palliative care agencies face in providing compassionate care to patients and families during their end-of-life journey.

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Recognizing the Power of Brand Ambassadors

At PPM, we wholeheartedly understand the critical role brand ambassadors play in the success of hospice organizations. Their significance extends not only to our hundreds of hospice clients but also to any other hospice seeking to effectively engage with their local communities.  

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Anticipating a Meaningful Encounter: PPM's Journey to the TNPHA Meeting in Austin, Texas

Excitement is in the air as the date approaches for the highly anticipated invitation to attend the upcoming Texas Nonprofit Hospice Alliance (TNPHA) meeting.

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The Power of Partnerships between Senior Living Communities and Hospice Providers

As individuals age, their care needs evolve, and having a comprehensive support system becomes increasingly important. Senior living communities and hospice providers are two essential pillars of care for older adults.

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Organ Donation, plus Hospice Care, equals a force for good in our world.

Organ donors and hospice care are two concepts that may not seem related at first glance. However, both have the potential to be a force for good in the world. In this blog post, we will explore why and how organ donors and hospice care can positively impact individuals and society. 

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Are you empowering your staff and volunteers to be the best brand ambassadors they can be?

We all agree that hospice providers play an essential role in end-of-life care for patients and their families. However, it's not enough to provide quality care alone; it's essential to communicate the brand message and values of the hospice provider to patients, families, and the broader community.

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Addressing and overcoming the Number 1 barrier to hospice.

People still do not know what hospice is. Hospice providers need to act now! In our latest blog we look at this perennial challenge and how we can overcome it.

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Why eGuides are a vital part of the Zero Cost program we offer to hospice across the nation.

Hospice care is a specialized type of care that focuses on providing comfort and support to individuals who are facing the end of their lives.

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Why is Hospice underused in the US?

Hospice care is a type of medical care that is specifically designed to help patients with a terminal illness live as comfortably as possible in their final days. Despite its benefits, hospice care is underused in the United States, largely due to a lack of awareness and education about its availability and benefits. 

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