Lisaard & Innisfree

Waterloo, Ontario

Based in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Lisaard & Innisfree Hospice provides hospice and palliative care for those who are facing end-of-life care. Founded in 1996, the aim was to be able to provide a home-like setting in which staff can offer high-quality palliative care for adults. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere where a person is able to die with dignity, free from pain and surrounded by their loved ones.

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In 2000, Lisaard House opened their doors to their first residents, with an approach based on care for not only the patient but also their family, caregivers and loved ones. Ever conscious of the need to keep their local communities informed, the organization is actively involved by holding social and fundraising events, along with promoting education on hospice care. The hospice books provided by Partner Plus Media serve as a cornerstone to Lisaard & Innisfree’s mission to engage their communities and enhance understanding, proving an invaluable resource in the hospice’s marketing strategy.

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We are fortunate to have an amazing relationship with Partner Plus. Together we created a welcome package for our residents and their families, that provides valuable information about their care at Lisaard and Innisfree Hospices, as well as pieces they can take home with them after their loved one passes. The booklet is professional and Partner Plus worked with the advertisers to ensure the content was appropriate and helpful to our residents and families. We are so pleased with the response we have received about the booklet from family and from advertisers. We would highly recommend Partner Plus to other hospice organizations.

Kim Henry Director of Development, Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice

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