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Founded at the turn of the millennium, SRI Management provides full-service management for independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities. With 46 communities spread across 9 states, 2300+ employees, and over 20 years in service, three essential core values have continued to guide them: Character, Compassion, and Commitment. Their simple “Golden Rule” philosophy for treating each and every individual in the same manner in which they would like to be treated themselves is the driving force for all the company’s business decisions.

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Their resort-style Independent Living features villas and apartments with a host of services and amenities such as fitness centers, salons, bars and bistros, wellness seminars, and live entertainment. For residents in the early stages of dementia or where healthcare needs to be frequently monitored, assistance is always available in a safe and secure environment at SRI’s dedicated Memory Care facilities.

Partner Plus Media is very proud to have either produced or be in the process of producing high-quality print guides for over 30 of SRI’s locations. These guides to life, alongside purpose-built digital guides that can be accessed online at any time, makes the search for assisted living easier than ever for families and their loved ones.

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As the number of locations we serve continues to grow, in line with the continued growth of their company, our partnership with SRI Management is stronger than ever before. With each new publication we create—each guide designed specifically to each location—together we showcase not only the quality and individuality of each location but also the unwavering trust between our two organizations. This is a partnership we are certainly very proud of!

Partner Plus Media is a great company that has produced fast results. They were very easy to work with and understood our needs and were able to get the product out quickly while also focusing on great detail.
- Austin Bishop, Corporate Director of Marketing.

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