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Since its founding in 1981 by Rick and Arlene Tidd, Tidd Family Funeral Home has offered the tradition of a local family serving a local family. With a solid reputation for family values, and with the staff working in the community where they live, they truly are “Friends helping Friends”.

In recent years, this family of funeral homes has expanded as client needs have grown. They amalgamated with another existing funeral home to create Porter-Tidd Funeral Home; built a crematory in Hilliard, offering a wide variety of cremation services; welcomed the addition of the Rader-McDonald-Tidd Funeral Home in West Jefferson; and as recently as 2020, opened a fourth location in the Plain City/Dublin area. Together, the Tidd Funeral Service family is continuing its traditions of quality and caring service — one family, serving four locations. 

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Having multiple locations gave rise to the requirement for a single marketing tool to showcase what the Tidd family has to offer. Partner Plus Media’s premium print publications, offset by local, third-party advertisers and supplied completely free of charge for distribution among Tidd’s widespread client families, are the perfect accompaniment to Tidd’s family identity. With the addition of these marketing tools, Tidd’s mission of “Friends helping Friends” has never been easier.

In May 2021, Tidd Family Funeral Home were awarded our coveted Flagship Award, recognizing their exceptional commitment and enthusiasm to our joint project and the local business community. Our partnership has continued to grow in the years since, with several print runs now under our belts ensuring they always have enough supply to continue serving their community families at their times of need.

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