Case Study: Campbell-Ennis-Klotzbach Funeral Home Inc., Phoenixville. PA

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The Client

With a history dating back to 1900, with the opening of their first funeral home, the Campbell-Ennis-Klotzbach Funeral Home was relocated in the 1930s/1940s to Main St in Phoenixville, where they remain to this day as an integral part of their local community.

Their long service to the community has earned them a reputation that their founders would be proud of.

In providing a service that has seen many changes over the years they have continued to offer dignified funerals for families and their loved ones. With a further location in Royersford they are able to offer their services to the wider community.

The addition of an on-site crematory in 2015 has enabled them to offer a range of services to meet the needs of the families they serve.

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Client Objectives

Ever conscious of being able to offer the very best in service and care the client wanted to provide a valuable resource that their community can use, to help guide them with helpful topics relating to pre-planning, funeral services and resources.

How We Helped

A carefully selected range of local businesses were invited to take part in the project, we worked with each sponsor to guide them on their involvement and to help forge relationships with the funeral home.

Our designers used their expertise to design a publication that would be sympathetic to the nature of the client's business, whilst providing a useful resource for both the client and the community.

A few words from our client

A few Words From Our Client

"Partner Plus utilized sensitive and often "not spoken-of" material to create a professional and informative book on funerals and memorialization, education, and our funeral homes. Their previous knowledge of our industry and their ability to allow us to make changes made for smooth maneuvering throughout the entire process. The final product is something we are proud of and definitely educates our customer base and community."

Josh Klotzbach, Campbell-Ennis-Klotzbach Funeral Home Inc

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“It is my pleasure to give you a testimonial about the services you provided to my firm. I was fortunate to be selected as a privately owned funeral home in our area to represent our company in the community with other businesses that were selected by our firm. The pre-need booklet that was provided is exceptionally well done and all advertisers were handled in a very professional way. The books were very thorough in all aspects of pre-arrangement. The advertisers selected provided a nice range of extended services that may be needed by our families on a pre-need or at-need basis and were all receptive to the idea on inclusion in this book. I would highly recommend this company to any funeral home who is trying to enhance their pre-need program.”

Brennan-Mathena - Topeka, KS

"We are extremely pleased with the quality of the funeral guide. Since the quality is so good all of our employees are enthusiastic about handing them to all the families we serve as well as anyone that wants planning material. The fact that these planning guides didn’t cost us anything is mind blowing. Thank you all for being a great partner."

Rose Mortuary - Knoxville

“We have been very pleased with both the product and the process in dealing with Partner Plus Media.

They were very easy to work with and delivered us a beautiful product in a timely manner.”

James Funeral Home - Huntersville NC

"Tony Smith and Jamie Swindells were excellent to work with and very professional when representing us to our potential advertisers. Forming partnerships with our advertisers has helped to strengthen our community presence. We look forward to continue to distribute this guide in our community to individuals and related businesses."

Hill Funeral Home - Westerville OH

"I am very excited and pleased with the Partner Plus guide for our funeral home! The book turned out to be a beautiful guide to all the services and locations that we offer in one place. They were very easy to work with and I am happy to recommend them!"

McLane Funeral and Cremation Services - Valdosta GA

"The brochure Partner Plus produced for us is an incredible public relations ambassador for Cody-White. The publication is a wonderful testimonial to our commitment of being the premier funeral professional in the communities in which we are privileged to serve."

Cody-White Funeral Home - Milford CT

"Our funeral home was very happy with the final product we received from Partner Plus Media. The Funeral Planning Guide that you provided us with has surpassed any of our expectations. I am so glad that we were able to have the opportunity to work with Partner Plus Media. They went above and beyond working with us and we could not have made a better pre-planning guide to offer to our families. Everyone at Partner Plus Media were very professional, especially in their approach to the sponsors of the publication. This pre-planning guide helps families put their biographical story in their own words as well as provides information about the funeral home and funeral service in general."

DeMarco-Luisi Funeral Home - Vineland NJ

"I am very impressed with Partner Plus Media. I was hesitant at first because there are a lot of companies calling with big promises and low quality work and customer service. Partner Plus exceeded all my expectations with their attention to details and professionalism. I feel great about the image the pre-planning guide gives our funeral home. Thank you Partner Plus Media for the service you provided us."

Davis Struempf - Austell GA

"The booklet and planning guide provided, exceeded our expectations. We are all very pleased with the finished product and we now have a very professional tool to place in the hands of our families, that gives them an all in one informational tool, about our funeral home, answers questions and offers explanations on different types of services we offer and includes a planning guide as well. First impressions mean everything to our business and this seals the deal on giving our client families the impression of us that we want and are very proud of them to have.
The advertisers selected, that agreed to be a part of this print, were also very excited about the outcome and proudly displayed our booklet in their place of business.
I did my homework and was skeptical at first, but after calling references, I felt good about moving forward. If you are considering doing business with this company and you have questions, I’d be happy to talk with you. You will better your business and look great doing it, with the product this company produces for you, to place in the hands of your families."

Wayne Boze Funeral Home - Waxahachie TX

"Partner Plus Media came to our place of business to promote this advertising book project and to see if we were interested in making the book about us with them. After a brief discussion with my funeral directors we were all in agreement to try this new adventure. I did call some references, as this seemed to good to be true. Boy was I wrong! I agreed to work with Partner Plus. After many laboring hours of critiquing the informational print and getting the correct pictures about our funeral home to be added, we submitted our final print information. When we got our printed copy (on regular paper), we were all truly AMAZED. How Partner Plus was able to put it all together I have no idea. When we received our first "real" book, the funeral directors, employees, and I were impressed. I immediately took some of the books personally to each of our advertisers to say thank you for believing in this project. Needless, to say the advertisers reaction was a big smile with a "WOW". The entire process on Partner Plus's part was very quick and professional. The published book was printed on high glossy quality paper. It was beautiful and depicted just the right image that we were hoping for. I still have to pinch myself that the book was real. Partner Plus was very easy to work with as well and being professional and knowledgeable. If another funeral home or company has the opportunity to work with Partner Plus, I highly recommend it."

Harper Morris Memorial Chapel - Pensacola, FL