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I just wanted to tell you…the first books to arrive are fantastic…wonderful job, and Thank You for all your help and input.

The final product exceeds all expectation, and the feedback has been incredible. But there is so much more to your product than just the final Hospice book itself. The final product could not be as great as it is without your total team of professionals at Partner Plus each playing their role.

It will give us an additional point of difference/professionalism that no one else in the market will have.

I would recommend anyone in Hospice healthcare to take a look at your program, and how it could serve their respective business unit. It would be well worth their time and energy.

Fred Kraut
Marketing Director
Rocky Mountain Care

Rocky Mountain Hospice - Utah

We are fortunate to have an amazing relationship with Partner Plus. Together we created a welcome package for our residents and their families that provides valuable information about their care at Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice, as well as pieces they can take home with them after their loved one passes. The booklet is professional and Partner Plus worked with the advertisers to ensure the content was appropriate and helpful to our residents and their families.

We are so pleased with the response we have received about the booklet from family and from advertisers. We would highly recommend Partner Plus to other hospice organizations.

Kim Henry, Director of Development, Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice

Lisaard & Innisfree Hospice - Ontario, Canada

We are extremely pleased with the service and product provided by Partner Plus. Their team has been attentive to our needs, met agreed upon deadlines, and have been very professional throughout the process. The books they produced for our organization are top notch, and we could simply not be happier with them.

Catherine Grubbs | Chief Executive Officer

Circle of Life Hospice

Circle of Life Hospice - Arkansas

I have been very impressed with the quality of the books provided by Partners Plus. They are high-quality and look extremely professional. I especially love that they include carbon copies which helps meet our needs. They have accommodated our needs to provide an excellent level of customer service. My team has been happy with this product.

Kandice, Heart ‘n Home Hospice

Heart n' Home Hospice - Idaho & Oregon

"Working with Partnerplus Media has been a smooth and exciting process. As the Director of a hospice company I receive multiple calls and emails from companies wanting to promote their product. There is almost always a catch. Darren was wonderful at explaining the process from start to finish and was always available to answer any questions. The quality of the book that Partnerplus Media has developed for my hospice is unlike any other in our area. The ease of developing the book went exceptionally well. Partnerplus Media handled all of the major leg work but allowed for adjustments as I saw fit. I can not thank Partnerplus Media enough for providing us with this opportunity!!"

Renee Lanik, MSW

Program Director

Seasons Hospice - Oklahoma

We wanted to thank you for the beautiful admission books that the Partner Plus Media team worked on. We have received so many compliments from our staff and families. The team was so friendly and helpful along each step of the project. They provided support and helped to answer any questions we had in a timely manner. The quality of the books are top-notch and professional. We highly recommend your team to others!

Thank you!!

Nancy Desler | Marketing & Communications Manager
Circle of Life | The rest of your life. Lived.

Circle of Life Hospice - Arizona